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Studying Accounting Skills Online
Our Courses

Accounting Academy offers three different online courses designed to help recent graduates, high school students, undergraduates and new employees understand what it's like to be a professional accountant. The courses are designed by experienced accountants and are guaranteed to improve your practical skills in the 'real world' of accounting practice.
See what our clients have said about our courses. CA's, CPA's, CEO's and those with Masters and Majors in accounting all love the Accounting Academy's courses!
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Welcome to Accounting Academy

Online Accounting Courses to gain business skills.

Bridge the gap between university studies and a professional accounting job anywhere in the world with online accounting courses that will enhance your skills in the work place. University courses teach accounting students how to crunch the numbers, but they generally don't explain the day-to-day functions or, the practical side of a 'real world' professional accounting practice.

Accounting Academy's
series of short online practical accounting courses explain the practical side of the accounting business on a global scale and cover everything you need to know to get started on the job; from communication skills and business basics, to the relationship between your time and the client's money. If you're finishing university, or thinking about studying to be an accountant, Accounting Academy fills in the gaps between the textbooks and your first pay cheque. * Money Back Guarantee - if unsatisfied a full refund will be granted if notified within 24 hours of advising login details

Online Accounting Courses

» Have profitable staff from day one
» No downtime for training
» Great value for money
» Remote location – no problems
» Training that requires none of
   your time

» Make yourself instantly employable
» Maximise your potential
» Get the edge on your competition
» Learn from experienced accountants
» Great value for money
» Improve your resume with a course
   completion certificate.